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Wine on Twitter

Wine on Twitter

An exercise in data visualisation and rmarkdown has gone terribly wrong and I ended up doing a set of dashboards. Advertisements


  • The package GraphTweets has been updated in 2016 and is now on CRAN. (more…)
  • I love the type functionalities that allow using R for more than stats - send emails from R, because Outlook sucks, Thunderbird often crashes and Mail ... never mind Mail. (more…)
  • One may say ‘The ending of this movie was ‘unpredictable’, here ‘unpredictable’ is positive. However I cannot include that in my rudimentary list of positive words because its meaning will differ depending on the context. ‘Unpredictable’ is negative in the sentence ‘This car is unpredictable’. (more…)
  • You've got to love the R community! Check the new Rfiglet package and create your own ascii logos. (more…)